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XAM Ascends to Victory in PWR's GOING UP! Tournament, Claiming $2000 AUD Prize

August 10, 2023
xam news

In a thrilling display of gaming prowess, a dedicated member of the PWR community, XAM rose to prominence by conquering the recently held GOING UP! tournament on PWR's latest map of the same name. This gripping event showcased not only XAM's undeniable talent but also the electrifying atmosphere of competitive gaming within the PWR community.

The highly anticipated GOING UP! tournament, hosted by PWR. As 10 competitors vied for supremacy on this new map, XAM emerged as the true champion, impressing spectators with his determination and focus.

The Going Up! Experience is available via this map code: 2356-2884-5900

Try your luck at reaching the summit!