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PWR is one of the most experienced Fortnite organizations globally.

PWR is home to some of Oceania’s most established Fortnite and Rocket League players and coaches.

Since 2020 PWR has helped pave the way for competitive esports, and continues to invest in the industry to help grow and develop the competitive gaming scene.

Read more about our competitive players below.
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Coach Timmy
PWR’s Fortnite coach and analyst
Coach Timmy is a distinguished professional Fortnite coach from New Zealand. With a passion for esports and a refined ability to elevate players to the next level.

With extensive knowledge of Fortnite's evolving strategies, map dynamics, and weapon utilization, Coach Timmy guides and provides strategic advice to players in the competitive landscape.

Follow Coach Timmy on socials here:
Pro player and content creator for PWR. FNCS Season 14 Champion.
Austin "Worthy" King is a Fortnite professional from Perth, Australia renowned for his impeccable accuracy and determination. Worthy has carved his name into the Oceania esports scene with a lengthy list of achievements in Fortnite competitive.

Keep up to date with Worthy on his socials platforms:
Pro player and content creator for PWR.
Arthur "Radius" Gouzos is a dynamic force in the world of Fortnite esports and content creation, from Melbourne, Australia.

Radius has etched his name into the gaming scene with his mechanical skills and captivating content on YouTube.

Keep up to date with Radius’ content by subscribing to his YouTube channel and following his social media platforms:
Pro player and content creator for PWR. FNCS Season 14 Champion.
Ryley "Jynx" Linde is an accomplished Fortnite professional from Queensland, Australia.

A committed Fortnite professional since 2019.

Jynx's gameplay style is methodical and precise, enabling him to navigate complex situations.

Stay connected with Jynx:
Pro player and Content Creator.
Fortnite Competitive Series Championships 2x 2nd and 3rd.
Dale "Sync" Mulvogue is a seasoned Fortnite professional and captivating Twitch streamer from Melbourne, Australia.

Sync is a proud representative of the Oceanic gaming community who consistently performs in competitive tournaments.

Stay connected with Sync's by following his streams on Twitch here and socials here:
Pro player and content creator for PWR.
At 15, Alex Richmond, is a rising star in the world of Fortnite from Sydney, Australia.

Despite his youth, he has already etched his name into the Fortnite competitive scene, as the player to watch.

Stay connected to Alex via socials here:
Pro player and Content Creator.
Sebastian “Looter” Olle, is a seasoned Fortnite professional from Melbourne, Australia.

Renowned for his remarkable achievements in the Fortnite competitive scene including various Cash Cups wins and Fortnite Competitive Series victories.

His participation in international tournaments showcases his ability to represent the Oceania region on the global esports stage, earning respect and recognition from players and fans worldwide.

Stay connected with Looter by following him on social media: