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Content, Creative & Competitive Gaming

In the bustling digital landscape of 2020, Lachlan Power, fueled by an unyielding passion for gaming embarked on a thrilling journey to share his adventures with the world. Through his genuine love for gaming, Lachlan swiftly amassed a dedicated legion of fans, who eagerly tuned in to witness his extraordinary gaming skills and lively commentary. As his influence grew, so did his ambition, igniting a spark that shake the foundations of oceanic esports by creating PWR. 

Armed with an unwavering vision to unite gaming professionals and content creators under one powerful banner, Lachlan materialized his dream. Drawing inspiration from his own triumphs and challenges in the gaming world, he envisioned an organization that would not only dominate in competitive gaming but also create captivating content that resonates with gamers and fans alike. PWR is swiftly becoming one of the most reconized organisations in Esports and Content Creation and set their sights on a bright future.

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PWR Players

Here at PWR we support and motivate a talented roster of competitive Esport athletes across Fortnite and Rocket League. Accumulating winnings and competing at the highest level.

PWR Creators

PWR creators specialise in gaming content, including gameplay highlights, tips and tricks, and entertaining commentary. PWR's content creators are known for their high-energy and engaging content, and have built a strong community of fans and supporters.

PWR Partners

PWR and their sponsors have built a strong relationship that supports the growth and success of both brands. We utilise multiple content pillars to help any partner or brand thrive and create memorable experiences for fans and consumers.

PWR Careers

Social Media Lead
Melbourne, AU
Talent Manager (MGMT)
Australia (Remote)
Executive Assistant
Melbourne, AU