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Meet the Creators

The PWR Creator team features some of the world’s most known content creators

Get to know the talented individuals that entertain millions of people across the globe.
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Content Creator
Hailing from Brisbane, Lachlan Power has established himself as one of the world’s most recognizable Fortnite content creators, after becoming the first Australian gaming YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers.

A force in the world of online entertainment and renowned for his engaging content, Lachlan has now amassed more than 23 million fans across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitch.

Lachlan was one of the first creators revealed in the Fortnite Icon series, amongst an exclusive group of entertainers such as LeBron James, Neymar Jr., and Ariana Grande, who received bespoke in-game character skins accessible to millions of fans worldwide.

In 2020 Lachlan launched global gaming organization PWR, creating a platform that goes beyond gaming to create immersive experiences for fans.

PWR's commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and positive impact mirrors Lachlan's ethos and resonates with gamers and creators alike.

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Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten is world-renowned Twitch streamer and content creator with more than 9 million followers across her platforms.

Established as one of the world’s most popular female gamers, Loserfruit brings an exciting presence to online entertainment streaming and creating a wide variety of games and content.

Loserfruit's influence extends beyond entertainment, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within the gaming community and inspiring individuals to embrace their passions and carve their own path in the industry.

Loserfruit was recently also named in Mediaweeks social media influence top 100, coming in at number 9, establishing herself in the mainstream as one of the most influential names in Australia.

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Vincent Ton, better known as Vindooly is a creative influencer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Vindooly is popular on YouTube and TikTok for his unique blend of creativity and humour. His content touches on relatable topics, experiences, and emotions, creating an instant connection with his viewers.

Connect with Vindooly on his socials here:
Chanzes, better known as Mitchell Power, is a Fortnite creator originally from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Chanzes is known for his strong engagement, often integrating his communities suggestions into his content and seamlessly blending in his gaming skills and charismatic persona to his streams to make him one of the most interactive people to watch.

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Lucas Grzesiak more commonly known as Overstrand is a content creator known for his entertaining streams.

Born in the United States, and residing in Queensland, Australia, he prides himself on inclusivity and spreading good vibes every time he turns his stream on.

Lucas's creative footprint expands beyond live streaming, with his YouTube channel which features a variety of entertaining videos and challenges.

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