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PWR Launches PWR+ on YouTube Offering Exclusive Regular Content for Fans

May 20, 2024

Australia's leading gaming and content organisation, PWR, is excited to announce the launch of PWR Plus (PWR+), a members program on YouTube aimed at providing fans and community members with exclusive access to premium content.

Launching on May 20 PWR+ promises to elevate the viewing experience for dedicated fans and community members, offering an unique insight into the organisation through exclusive behind-the-scenes access, additional unedited video cuts, community-led 'Ask a PWR Creator' content, additional streams and more. 

“PWR Plus is a great way for us to showcase additional content that may not always be suitable for our main platform, as well as extra BTS and production insights into our shoots. The program also aims to showcase the personalities of our talent, and provide our community a look into what running an organisation like PWR is like,” PWR Founder Lachlan said.

“It’s also really important to myself and the other creators that PWR+ sits complementary to our free-to-watch PWR YouTube content and won’t diminish our existing high production and regular uploads on our main channel,” added Lachlan.

Key Benefits of PWR+ Membership:

  • Regular Monthly Extra Content: Members can enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, extended video cuts, and snippets that are not available on the main platform.
  • Community Benefits: Gain access to the exclusive PWR Discord community, fostering connections and interactions among members and creators.
  • Monthly Live Streams: Members will have access to stream VODs, ensuring they never miss out on any PWR action.
  • Member PWR.Supply and Apparel Benefits: Enjoy special perks and discounts on PWR.Supply merchandise and apparel.
  • Customs: Experience personalised content and interactions tailored specifically for PWR+ members.

To become a PWR + Member visit the official PWR YouTube channel here: