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PWR Playbook

PWR is a competitive gaming, lifestyle and entertainment organization for everyone, everywhere.  At our core is our team, made up of  our players, our creators, our partners and most importantly our fans. Together, we can inspire greatness through play.

You are an important part of the PWR community and we want that community to be a place for everyone, everywhere — that’s why we need your help! When you are participating in the PWR community, both online and at in person events, we just ask that you follow the guidelines below. 

Play with integrity whether it is in the game, or out of the game, let your morals be your most powerful weapon. Act with honesty when playing and communicating. Keep your personal information to yourself and keep other people’s personal information private. Be authentic and don’t impersonate or pretend to be a different person online. Never participate in or encourage illegal or dangerous activities. Don’t take credit for another person’s work. Never share or post inappropriate content within the PWR ecosystem.

Include everyone —  in order to overcome your competitors sometimes you have to think like them. We all come from diverse backgrounds, so sometimes you have to think differently.  Understanding that we are all different means never acting, communicating or playing in a way that negatively targets, memes or attacks an individual or group of people including when it is because of their race, gender, opinions, disability, sexual preference, age, religion or other intrinsic attributes. We are all in this together.

Tolerate others —  speaking your mind requires equal parts brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it) and care (how it’s said).  In the PWR community not everyone will play, speak or believe like you. Sometimes you won’t agree with that, but you should be tolerant of those actions, words and beliefs.  If you don’t agree with something someone has said or done, deal with it carefully, directly and professionally.

Above all, Respect each other.  We are all here because we want to play around and discover greatness in the process. Don’t act, communicate or play in the PWR ecosystem in a way that makes it less enjoyable for others, don’t grief, flame or troll others, and be a positive force that people want to have around.

Who does this apply to? Anyone participating in the PWR community, online or in person.  That includes fans, supporters, competitors, observers, partners, social media participants and PWR followers. 

What happens if you don't follow the Playbook? This Playbook is designed to ensure that the PWR ecosystem is a space for everyone to have fun doing what they love with the simple goal of playing harder to discover greatness.  Anyone not playing by the rules may be asked to correct any violations or to sit out from the PWR community, may be blocked on the PWR social media accounts, may be ineligible to participate in future PWR events and interactions and may be reported to the relevant authorities, in each case depending on the severity, circumstances and other factors.

What happens if you don’t want someone on the team? If you don’t like someone in the PWR community or don’t agree with what they say, but they are not violating these guidelines, then it’s best to take your own steps to work it out. Put aside differences and move forward or if it comes down to it, block those people on relevant social media platforms.

If you see someone not following the Playbook, let us know!  PWR commits to encouraging everyone to follow this Playbook. If you see someone participating in the PWR ecosystem in violation of these guidelines, please let us know by emailing:  You can also email us if you have any questions about this Playbook or if you ever want to clarify anything. 

As the game changes, so do we. This Playbook is not final and we may update it from time to time, to ensure it is relevant. Keep a regular eye on

Thanks for being part of the PWR community.  Play harder. Win bigger.