Fortnite Creator for PWR. Wert has over 7 years of experience in the field of User Generated content creation across various platforms with a focus on game and level design. Wert is currently the most featured creator in Fortnite.
Fortnite Creator for PWR. KKSlider has been a core community lead in innovation of Fortnite Creative mechanics since its introduction. His mechanical expertise makes him one of the most trusted builders to deliver on seamless and unique experiences.
Fortnite Creator for PWR. DolphinDom has extensive experience with building in Fortnite Creative. Since Creative Mode’s first introduction he has worked with leading content creators both as a project lead and within a team. His maps have been seen and played by millions.
Creative and Content Manager for PWR. One of the developers behind PWR creative maps such as Tiny Town, Tide Tycoon, Salvage Survival and more!