PWR signs Rocket League team for upcoming RLCS 2021-22 Season
Oct 08, 2021, Queensland, Australia

PWR has today announced it will join the Rocket League community by signing Carson 'Forky' Howard, David 'Mile' Moreau and Jonathan 'EPICJonny' Ramrattan to form a competitive team, as well as adding content creator JonSandman.

PWR, one of the leading gaming organisations globally – has signed the new team of professional players to compete in the Rocket League Championship Series. The newly formed Trio have their eyes set on the first hill to climb – qualifying for the first RLCS major set in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Joining PWR is a huge boost for us and we're ready to show what we can bring to this new season of RLCS. It’s a real honour to be on team PWR and bring my expertise into the mix. We’re all working hard behind the scenes to fight for a win in the first qualifying round this weekend,” said Forky.

In addition to the competitive player line-up, PWR has also signed Rocket League YouTube Content Creator and Twitch Streamer JonSandman. With a career that spans nearly a decade, Jon found great strides within the Rocket League community garnering a dedicated and passionate fanbase that enjoy his broad range of content, from Rocket League to Fortnite to his variety based content.

“It’s great to be working alongside such great talent like Lachlan and the team from PWR.  I am excited about PWR’s competitive roster and love what the team has been doing from a content perspective within the Fortnite space, so I can’t wait to build on that legacy in the Rocket League world,”  said JonSandman.

The Rocket League Trio will debut this weekend for the start of the Rocket League Championship Series which boasts a $USD 6 million prize pool, 3 international Majors and an international World Championship.

About Team PWR

Through the brand, PWR connects and engages global athletes, artists and creators with a distinctly playful and fun attitude. The PWR community consists of like-minded gamers and competitors excelling in their game, as well as leading developers driving innovative online experiences.