PWR signs Professional Fortnite player Dale “Sync” Mulvogue
Sep 03, 2021, Queensland, Australia

PWR has officially signed OCE Fortnite player Dale “Sync” Mulvogue. Known for being one the most formidable In-Game-Leaders in OCE, Sync has vowed to utilize his experience and knowledge to claim Fortnite Oceania’s top prize; The Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) grand final trophy.

“Joining an organisation with such established names and figures such as Lachlan gives me such a good opportunity to learn and grow my own personal brand under their supervision. That would be the most exciting part about joining PWR” Mulvogue told PWR.

Sync understands this is no easy task but is relishing the challenge of what the future will hold for both him as a Content creator and a Professional Esport Athlete.

“Hopefully a FNCS championship victory while continuing to develop my content and brand as a part of the PWR family”

Hard work is no stranger to Sync, while competing in this region's highest level he also has a consistent content schedule; posting a video every week to his 200,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Sync will be using this time under PWR to grow not only as a professional player but also as a content creator.

"For anyone who's supported me so far, thanks for helping me get to this point, I've got loads more in store."

Sync will join Volx and fellow PWR member Radius this weekend for the FNCS grand final.

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